Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Consfood Chocolate Chip Cupcake
Consfood , a bakery shop that I knew since I was 13 years old, where my mom would stop by the car park and get in. Warm, sweet, starchy smell can be smelt before going in and my eyes would go crazy with all the pies and cupcakes, not knowing which one to start picking up.

Here I would like to share you my favourite cupcake of all from Consfood. It's the Chocolate Chip Cupcake!

The size is reasonable with it's price and tastiness. Hand-held sized, this cupcake will blow you away.

The Taste

It's thick, rich chocolate-sweetness in a cupcake. It may look like dirt, but it taste's delicious! Loaded with lots of tiny, sweet, chocolate chips at the top quarter half with it's crunchy on the outside-soft-on-the-inside chocolate bater sent me for a 5-minute trip to heaven. Oh it's outside will be crunchy if it's still hot from the rack.

Sure you'd be heading downtown for it after reading this eyh? xD

Who Would Want This?
Anybody who's looking for a comfort food, serve it up with tea or just to fill in hungry tummy while being busy with daily chores like I sometimes do. xD Children would love this too!

RM1.50. Very reasonable, I once see it sold for RM2.20 last time. Guess they mark the price down together with the size. =p

I rate this baby 8/10!

Shine on, Del


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