Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Consfood Chicken Pie
Another review for Consfood. Earlier I did a review on Consfood Chocolate Chip Cupcake and Blueberry Cheese Tart. Here's a review for Consfood Chicken Pie.

This chicken pie's has a cruchy crust, if eaten hot. If not, its texture will be like of a cold tart. Inside would be some pieces of chewy chicken and...not sure what it is. xD Judge the next picture!

review chicken pie from consfood damai

I love this pie! Glazed with egg yolk on top before baking, making it attractive (or so I think it was egg yolk). The taste it has spring onion and some more fragrant ingredients I can't detect. It used to have carrots in it... Years ago. xD

review chicken pie from consfood damai

RM2.20. Absolutely worth spending my money on.

Rating is 8/10 for this pie.

There's another pie which is the apple pie. I prefer that more than this one as it has juicy halves of apple and it's super sweet and with the cinnamon with it, makes the taste interesting!

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