Review: Consfood Blueberry Cheese Tart

November 27, 2010

Another review for Consfood's pastries. This is the second review after the Consfood Chocolate Chip Cupcake review. And this Consfood Blueberry Cheese Tart isn't as bad! I wonder why they call it tart, not cupcake. Or am I wrong on the definitions? xD

review on consfood blueberry tart

This tart has blueberry on top only and you can only taste a little bit of it on each bite. Feels harder than the chocolate chip cupcake, but definitely can be chewed on. xD

The Taste
The taste is rich, chewy-soft and feels just like a blueberry cheese tart! =D Definitely worth the money spent. It can use more blueberries on top though, I just tasted little of it/ non at all. But definitely worth the money!

review on consfood blueberry tart

RM1.50, just like their Chocolate Chip Cupcake. =3

7/10. Sorry, but I still prefer the chocolate chip cupcake than this one.

Shine on,

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