Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Consfood Blueberry Cheese Tart
Another review for Consfood's pastries. This is the second review after the Consfood Chocolate Chip Cupcake review. And this Consfood Blueberry Cheese Tart isn't as bad! I wonder why they call it tart, not cupcake. Or am I wrong on the definitions? xD

review on consfood blueberry tart

This tart has blueberry on top only and you can only taste a little bit of it on each bite. Feels harder than the chocolate chip cupcake, but definitely can be chewed on. xD

The Taste
The taste is rich, chewy-soft and feels just like a blueberry cheese tart! =D Definitely worth the money spent. It can use more blueberries on top though, I just tasted little of it/ non at all. But definitely worth the money!

review on consfood blueberry tart

RM1.50, just like their Chocolate Chip Cupcake. =3

7/10. Sorry, but I still prefer the chocolate chip cupcake than this one.

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