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Review: 6:66 Death Happen
review 6:66 death happen thailand horror movie
6:66 Death Happen 2009 movie is being aired on Astro Box Office's show throughout November 2010. I'm going to write a review about this movie.

The movie started with a questioning scene of an old man shooting himself in a burning house and a young lady, Dao who's shooting pictures of a murder that involved two individuals. She was found by the killer and he shot her. Blurry scenes then there she was, alive again, driving on the streets. Turns out she's a photographer who shoots pictures to get top name in the media industry.

She then hear about her father from the police that he's dead and needs her to go to the mortuary to see to his body. It's been 15 years since she last heard from him and now he's back in her life, dead. She saw a guy got hit by a car on the way there. In the dark, cold room, she approached the corpse and opened the shroud and see his body. A quick, bloody hand grab from her dead father and she was terrified. Turns out he's not dead after all. Then, accidents happened that people were sure will lead to death, but it didn't. Why?

If you see this movie halfway or missed anything, you won't know or understand the movie till the end, like my mom. I suggest you see this from the start, with the lights on and your cat on your lap. xD Ketara penakut.

This movie is a genius work from Thailand, unlike some previous confusing, confused (maybe) and blurry horror movies from Thai. It's understandable and projects fear, intrigue and scarily, love in me while I watched it. This movie is about horror, thriller and love. Yes, love, between a father and daughter. It can be a family horror movie. =)

review 6:66 death happen thailand horror movie

Ending Revealing
Her father is a doctor and since her mother passed away (he pulled the life support and she hated him for it since), he left her (I think), Dao heard of him no more. He was actually researching on calculating the death of a person using mathematics- time and date. He then found out that his daughter would die soon due to the killer found her shooting his murder pictures, he has shot himself the same time and date he calculated her death, to replace her death with his death, and let Dao live on.

Sad story huh? Dao was called by the police and yes he survived. This avoidance cause people who are certain to death to be surviving it because the cycle has been messed up. She found out that it was her when she saw her father's work room with pictures of her and the asterisk (*). Asterisk is called 'Dao' in Thai and so she only knew then.

She rushed to see to her father. She was found by the killer and got shot, she finally laid outside of the hospital. She saw her father standing on top of the hospital's rooftop.(and so Del cried at this scene) She spewed blood allover the road and he jumped- landed right next to her. Memories of her childhood with her dad flashed- how loving, caring, undivided attention her father showed to her. Aiiih so sad...she cried, I cried, her father reached for her- didn't get to.

review 6:66 death happen thailand horror movie

In the end, she got hospitalized, hasn't spoken since she got awake. Wut, her police friend, visited her in her room, reached outside her door. She was on her bed, sitting, looking up to the ceiling. "Dao...Daddy love you so much..." (something like that), in her father's voice. Oooooh scary!

The plot's there, nicely done, though I still wonder how she survived the shooting she got from the killer. Maybe I missed something here? xD

6:66 Death Happen Movie Trailer

I'd say yes to this movie. I'd rate it 7/10. =) Good job Thailand!

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