Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recipe Chicken Soup with Red Dates
Yesterday, I made a soup. I wanted to try the recipe Winter Melon with Kampung Chicken Soup by a Sabahan Blogger member, AloyCia. It looked so tasty but yesterday was a busy day for me (I was out day-dusk xD ). Can't go find the winter melon, which was the reason why I wanted to try the recipe!

I can only go to the Khidmat Supermarket before dad starts looking for me with a car but I saw no winter melon there. I've already bought a whole chicken (fresh, from NutriPlus- lesser fat) and some red dates- I wanted to try make like the sweet, delicious chicken soup I had from my friend. They've got some red dates so I thought it must be the reason the soup was sweet. =)

Got back home, fearfully cut the chicken (ketara betul nda pernah potong ayam xD ). I felt sooo kesian to the poor chicken! It even had it's neck attached! Oh god. The insides? Don't make me go there, all I can say is that all organs where there, except the stomach and intestines.

I don't want to cook the chicken later when I got the winter melon, I want it fresh (the chicken was only a day old). So I tried to cook it with the red dates anyway.

easy simple recipe for chicken soup with red dates and carrots

It was...spontaneous. xD I had no idea what to put first but I was pretty sure to simmer first then put the chickens, lastly put vegetables.

Here were my steps to make this chicken soup..

Simmer some chopped garlic with 2 thumb-sized of ginger(bawang putih) under low heat with 1 tablespoon of corn cooking oil.
Pour water in (I put 1/4 of the pot) and put red dates in. Close the lid, leave it a while and cut the chicken.
Put the chicken in with carrots. Bring it to a boil. Close the lid, put on low heat.
I left it and went to bathe. xD I think it would be good to let it cook slowly.
Put tomatoes, leave it for 1 minute then turn off the fire.
Put 3 stalks of daun bawang and chopped spring onions. Close the lid for a while then serve~ =D

Doesn't matter how many amount of ingredients, just as many as you'd like. =)
Two thumbs of the ginger was just nice for me, it was the dominating flavour. If you want lesser, just use 1. =)
You can add other vegetables like potatoes or lettuces, just make sure to put the ones that takes longer time to cook first then those who don't need long heating last- keeps the nutrients in the fruit.
I'd smash some of the red dates to make the soup sweet. =) Or even blender them then put together with the chicken!

easy simple recipe for chicken soup with red dates and carrots

Bon Appétit!

Shine on,


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