Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recent Posts with Thumbnails Widget for Blogger
Do you guys notice that I blog almost everyday? I have the Blog Archieve widget on this layout and it's a heck of a long list of posts. xD Proud to say that, but also an irritance to my eye because it's a long one, (almost the whole length of the window screen) and it's taking a lot of space which will slow down the loading time of my blog. I thought I want to get a widget that can show just Recent Posts from my blog like some blogs out there. So I Googled. =3

Blogger Pluggins created a remarkable Recent Posts widget for blogger and I applaud them for that.

Gadget Settings

recent posts widget with thumbnails from blogger plugins

As the name suggests, this Gadget will help you to display the most Recent Posts on your Blog’s Sidebar. The Gadget has an options panel and can be configured to meet your needs. The Gadget inherits styles from your Blog. But you can override the colors if you want(this was done to support third party templates which doesn’t have the skin variables properly defined).

We are totally in control of how the widget will look like, the font, the font size, color, link color, even the size! How amazing this is, genius! I love it, Glamiva loves it!

Recent Posts Preview

recent posts widget with thumbnails from blogger plugins

I would totally suggest this for those who are like me, trying to save up space and have a long list of posts for a month. =)

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