Monday, November 1, 2010

Nail Art Picture Designs on Purple French
Nail art designs that I did when I worked before! I did purple french manicure on my own nails using Revlon Fuschia Fever nail color.

nail art picture designs on purple french 2010

Like all of my previous nail artworks, I like to name my designs. =) It's fun!
Golden Jungle nail art
Purple Lace nail art
Rose Garden nail art
Golden Red Flower nail art
nail art picture designs on purple french 2010

I love Golden Jungle of all, it defines me. Lots of colors and I sure do love purple. I think this can be done for photoshoots, jungle-theme like or just some vintage or goth-like. Or you can make this everyday wear by just doing it on one nail and the rest purple french~

Purple Lace is so cute! I love the sharpness of those white dots! =) Don't know where I got that idea, it just came to me. This is perfect for brides (with the right improvisation on the design and color) or girls who loves cute nail arts. Rose Garden and Golden Red Flower is a so-so..I started to run out of ideas already. =p But I'm getting good at drawing roses!
nail art picture designs on purple french 2010

Think you like this french with purple? How's green french sound? xD

Shine on,


  1. I remember foolishly trying to polish my nails black during college just for a week. It was dodgy and I can't believe I did it. :-P

  2. Wow! THE Mr Gomez visited my blog! >.< what an honour! Thank you so much. Never knew you have such interest like Ronaldo. He painted his nails black on recent FIFA. xD

  3. if me go to ur place.
    mau minta manicure,
    what price will u charge??
    babe, u doing a great nail art here.

  4. Actually....currently, i dun give nail services...I dun work at that shop anymore.. =p

    Freelance I'll do wen i'm confident and 100% sure I can do it. But if I'm doing it, I sure will tell you about it. =)


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