Music Across Borders by a World Class Choir

November 18, 2010

I saw this ad about Music Across Boders 2010 in Daily Express. I checked online and didn't find anything but the statement in Sabah Tourism's website. But here are the details from the newspaper ad!


music across borders by a world class choir carmina slovenica and malaysia operafest children's choir in kota kinabalu sabah malaysia 2010

Malaysia Operafest Children's Choir
Carmina Slovenica of Slovenia, Europe

Think you might want to see them in action..

Malaysia Operafest Children's Choir for Christmas 2007

Carmina Slovenica- Carmina Slovenica performed Adiemus (part 2)


5 December 2010
Dewan Chanselor, UMS (UMS Chancellor Hall)
088- 232 629 (Music Mart)

The ad features a coupon that you can get a complimentary ticket there! Only 1,000 tickets up for free here people!

Shine on,

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