Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Breakfast with Anlene Yogurt
anlene yogurt
Last Friday mom brought so many of Anlene yogurt back home. So I had it for breakfast today. Only it and nothing else on my empty stomach. =) I feel healthier already! I had the Yogurt Anlene with Berries Mix.

I sprinkled some purple cabbage and carrot pieces on top of it, to make it even healthier and get me to eat those vegetables once in a while. xD But me like this method because I don't taste the veggies at all! I felt the crunch but then felt the soft, chewy, sweet berries.

I would definitely stock up on some more yogurts after this. Maybe not this type of yogurt, the one that is sour still and no sugar added- original yogurt. =) And put some nuts next time.

Shine on,


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