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Labuan Trip November 2010
Hey all! Selamat Hari Raya Korban (Happy Eid al-Adha) to all Muslims and Malaysians out there! I know it's a day past already but I was away and didn't bring my laptop with me. xD So about my Labuan trip that I told you about yesterday...

Getting to Labuan
Family and I went to Labuan to just spend time with the whole gang, as my brother's in Labuan Matriculation College (Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan) and so we thought of going to him instead of him coming back home to Kota Kinabalu.

We went there by boat, not ferry as majority wanted the boat as it was fast. I tell you straight I'm not a fan of speed boats. I rather have the ferry where I don't have to crawl into the boat, fear of falling into the depths of the ocean, bumpy waves hitting the boat and of course, the cheap price of RM5 only instead of RM15 per person. But guess what? We paid RM24 per person that day! We were late, it was getting dark (about 4.30 reached there) and the man came to us in the eatery in Menumbok and told us that we can go ASAP if we pay RM30 per person. Gila! Loco!

Dad said no, so we waited and thank God, there were other people who were as late as us. So we got on to the boat, not so bumpy as the ocean was quite relaxed (sejuk suda kali xD) and dad was told to pay RM120 (or so I heard). The boat people at Menumbok are genius, because the port there has closed and they can charge customers any amount they want, which is a lesson to be learnt by us to not to go there late. Haha! Biarla tu.

Our Night in Labuan

We rent a Proton Wira automatic there, RM100 per day. Koko(Chinese word, means brother) Simon was the one who got us the car. We got Man from his college and spent the night eating and jalan2 there. Seriously had no idea where to go there in Labuan. xD

Oooh there's this Kedai Jawa near a supermarket and within rows of restaurants and a ktv lounge, it has the most delicious cucur udang I've ever tasted! If only it's here in KK...I'd be the shop's biggest fan! They made it big, like as big as my palm and it has crispy ends with dried red onions. I didn't snap any photos, sorry! =p

At night I couldn't sleep. Don't know why, haunted room I guess. Dad reported he heard something screeching in the AM. I, I woke up at 3am, tried to sleep, woke up again around 4.40am to hear the azan. I couldn't sleep! I don't know why man, I was suppose to feel sleepy because we started sleeping around 11.30pm and it was just 3 hours later that I got up! Insane! I felt restless, tossed and turned on the bed. I felt weird, my mom next to me was sleeping nicely. Scary thoughts poured into my brain.

Family did solat subuh and only after they finished it, gave salam and recite prayers, then only I felt sleepy. Then I thought, "Oooooohhhh snnnnaaapp...". I did prayed before I slept the night before. Guess....guess it wasn't enough. >.<

I looked out the window and thought the scene was beautiful! It wasn't really night time, it wasn't really morning. There was a hint of red sunlight already on the horizon and the mosque stood beautifully lit. Took pictures of it. =)

labuan mosque in the morning picture

labuan mosque in the morning picture

Beautiful! =)

The Next Day...
We sent Man back to Labuan Matriculation College. It was only 10 minutes ride on car from center of Labuan to the junction of it. Our guide to it was to go straight from the mosque and turn left at the junction to it which has big, tall trees on the sides of the road, sort of greets you there. xD

Go to the port, bought chocolates at Sky Mart (it's having lots of sales and promotion right now! Thank you Christmas! xD). Got back to Menumbok in about 20 minutes as usual. The boat driver was crazy I tell you. He raced with another boat when we got near to Sabah. Crazy guy.

The parking with shade at Menumbok was RM10. Raced back to Papar (reached there in about 1 hour 30 minutes- Dad's a marvelous driver xD ), visited babu Esah and Tua (an uncle of mine). Got back to KK, eat again...xD got back home around 11pm and Snowy and Bensi was delighted to see us all.

Map of Labuan Location

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