Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How To Take Screen Shot from Windows Media Player
Hey all! Have you wonder how to get a screen shot or a picture from Windows Media Player? Or maybe you DO know how to get a screenshot but when you click the saved picture it's black or not what it's suppose to be?

Fret no more! I knew how to do screenshot with a keyboard that has the 'Print Screen' on top of 'Insert' button.

Now that my laptop was reformated, it seems like I can't do this anymore, not with any other video player I have installed. So I googled and found out how.

How to do Screen shot
First, the feature you want to use is 'Print Screen', so the product that you get from this is called a screen shot. The 'Print Screen' is often seen as 'Prt Scr'. Just press it and the shot will be saved on your computer's clipboard. You can also take a screen shot if you have 'insert' above the 'print screen' button (click here).

Open 'Paint' and paste it. Make sure the white layout is as big or bigger than the screen shot you'd be pasting on. Then just click 'Save'.

Tip: Pressing Alt + Print Screen (that means Alt+fn+Print Screen for some of you) will take the current selected window only (no Taskbar), not the normal screen shot result.

Easy right? It's like taking a picture of your computer screen, then you can paste it anywhere and save it.

How to Take Screen Shot from Windows Media Player
I'm sure some of you already know how to, but when you save the screenshot then preview it, it turns black or it's smaller than it's the one you just saved. This happened to me.

Just a simple tweak on the settings.

Open Window Media Player
Under 'Now Playing', click 'More Options'
Click the 'Performance' tab
Under 'Video Acceleration', click 'Advance'
Under 'Video Acceleration', uncheck 'Use Overlays'
Click 'Save'.
Enjoy print screening!

Haha! Easy right? Couldn't believe it at first, rupanya it's just the setting that needs to be fixed. xD Happy print screening!

Oh and one other tip, since you've decided to take a video then take a screen shot from it, I suggest to try not to shake the camera while recording, keep still and move smoothly, slowly, especially when you have something worth to take a screen shot at.

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