Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to Open Maybank Savings Account
Whenever I'm at the bank, I get jealous over people- they'd go straight on get the ticket number and wait to do their business over the counter. Seemed like they know what to do and know exactly what they were doing. I on the other hand, a first timer who just got out from school and college, being in a bank without assistance is like missing in a desert without no map or money. Here's a tutorial, share my experience on how to open Maybank Savings Account.

The process is super simple. I went to Maybank Inanam branch to do it because it's the nearest to my home. =) Oh and I love it that they put a customer service counter at the front of the entrance- customers who are lost (like I was) will get get immediately!

You'll Need...

IC (Identification card)
RM30 the minimum

How to Open Maybank Savings Account

Go to the ticketing counter/ help desk and tell them you want to open an account. You'd be given a 2-page form + a card to fill, give it then you'd have to wait for your turn.
On the counter, fill in a form with your details. I put neither working or studying. The lady asked me what did I studied and put Beauty Therapy as my occupation. xD
Give you IC card and you'd be checked on your thumbprint.
You'll be given a visa Maybankard card and a My Reference Card. Sign the back of the Maybankard.

how to open maybank savings account in kota kinabalu sabah malaysia

Go to the Cash Deposit Machine and put in minimum RM30. DON'T PUT IN ANY OF THE CARDS. You don't have to or the machine will eat it. You'll be given a receipt when you're done.
Then go to the ATM Machine and sign in with the default password (the lady gave told me the password beforehand). Then change your password so that your money's safe. =D
Aaaand you're done! Congratulations! Easy steps to open a Maybank account in just less than 30 minutes!

Hope this will help some of you. =) I was told that I need to apply for the online banking feature, think I don't need it at the moment. =p

I deposited a cheque and it will take 3 days to be in my account. =) I think I'd be spending more 'reasonable' with a bank account now. =p

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  1. how much is the maintaining balance for this?


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