Saturday, November 20, 2010

How I Feed My Cats
I love having dry and wet cat food in the house. Why? Because it's good for my cats, Snowy and Bensi. They don't eat vegetables, like normal cats would and certainly not having enough vitamins and minerals but proteins and fats everyday, everytime they eat. I ever buy a vitamin bottle for cats for about RM30 but my cat at that time won't eat them, so it went uneaten and expired. So I think the best way is to give them the wet and dry food and occasionally, some treats.

Here's how I feed them. It's really easy. Leftover rice and lauk (be it chicken or fish) I have for my meal, I'd use 2 tablespoons of the rice and the lauk. Mix them with wet cat food (2 tablespoons) and some dry cat food, mix them and break them down small- then put on their bowls. Wet cat food is occasional one, if the lauk won't be enough.

how i feed my cats snowy and bensi

Sometimes, early in the morning, of course there'll be no food for me but bread and butter for I don't cook. xD But mom cooks the rice before she goes to work everyday, so it's just the thing I need to feed my cats. 2 tablespoons of the rice with wet and dry cat food. Simple. =)

If there's no rice, I'd substitute it with torn breads. They still eat it. If I just serve wet and dry cat food, it will be costlier as the I need to put more of them than usual.

I usually feed them 3 times a day, after I eat my meal. When they were younger, all they need was food the size of a spoon but they sure do eat and poop more frequent than now. xD

How about you? How do you feed your cat?

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