Friday, November 26, 2010

Good to Be Back!
good to be back to the world

Hey guys!!! Oh mmyyyyy LORD it's been 5 days since my last post! Well, I did post a new entry last night but let's make it official today as I'm addressing this issue today. xD My internet had been off since 21 November 2010 due to some technical problem with the telephone cord.

Boy you can't imagine what I felt those agonizing, suffering 96 hours. I felt...disconnected with the world. I felt trapped sometimes, depressed at times, missing blogger, missing my yahoo account (I knew I was getting loads of emails as the clock ticked) and just be able to google.

I was practically jumping up and down while I was looking at my dad, replacing that box. xD Guess what time I slept last night? 2.30am! xD Practically, I slept today! Little brother slept a little late more, like 3am I think. xD

Being away has its own good too
Why did I say that? It's, I was being interviewed for a job and it need some email checking. I had to go to cyber just for a 5-minute email check and it cost me gas, energy to change clothes, RM2 for the computer and late night sleep. Then I had to google, had to do the same thing.

These sort of ticked me in the brain. Like I don't need computer to play no more. I need it to connect, to blog, to do something more important than just to play facebook or computer game.

I've been doing so much these days like watched a few movies (yeap, reviews are coming up!), cooking (yes I was THAT bored! xD) and going out.

Stay tuned! Del's back in the game!


Click to see the how I do the Vegetable Wraps and Garlic Breads.

Shine on,


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