Friday, November 12, 2010

Email Scams About Maybank

This is the obvious, think logically and you won't fall for it. But there might be some people who are still are not aware about this situation. This applies to anything really- facebook accounts, yahoo accounts, HSBC bank (I ever got one) and anything that is about fund transfer, inherit a large sum of money, a lawyer seeking assistance, Western Union transfer, balance deposit, etc. These are all fake, NEVER fall for it, press the SPAM or JUNK button ASAP.

It seems that Maybank users are targeted by these sneaky crooks as well.

A spokesperson from Maybank headquarters's Customer Service said the bank will not send an email if there is any problem with a customer's account or online banking account. This is true and applies to any other bank really.

"We understand that public has been receiving emails from 'Maybank' but it is not from us. The email sender uses American Online ( and this is phishing email. This matter is still under investigations so we have continuously advised customers not to response to such email."

If there are any online banking problems, Maybank would state it in their then customers are to contact Maybank for further details. They'd send a formal letter to customers and not emails if there really is a problem with customers's account.

There's also such phone calls from individuals claiming to be from the bank itself and offer insurance service promotion - DON'T ENTERTAIN THEM.

"If customers receive such calls, they should immediately contact the bank to confirm the matter. We would normally advertise our service through"

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