Friday, November 26, 2010

Delilah is Furious
delilah furious mad angry at a friend

First of all, I'm a good person. Seriously. I don't badmouth (only bad people, sometimes), I'm straight, honest, I believe in being good to other people, serve people the best you can and be kind to animals. My heart is still on fire since the last 5 minutes! Seriously on fire! I can feel it thumping like the ticking meter for an allegro pace for piano playing. I just need to type this out and get my feelings out.

The Story
This classmate from my high school senior year 2007 sent me a message last night, asking about why her eyeshadow make up fades, how to make it last longer and what's the best waterproof, long-wearing eyeliner. Short question eyh? She and I wasn't really close, but you talk to your classmates at times, right?

So I was like, aww this friend needs my help. Just tell her whatever ways I can possibly can and help her the best that I can. (there goes Del on being giving the 'best customer service'). I replied her with a 3-paragraph answer. As long as the length of my palm.

That was last night, around 12 in the morning. So today, I checked my facebook back and no reply from her yet. Surely you'll say THANK YOU for all the typing and information that I gave to you right?? It's not that I demand it, it's how you show your appreciation for a help that you had, that was given to you. That I poured my heart out on helping you. It's your morality, your etiquette, your people skills. You know?

Then it struck me. Can it be that she's one of the people who just don't have the etiquette to say thank you? So I checked her facebook profile. Sure did, her last post was 2 hours ago. Means she did logged in for today. And that means, she would've seen my reply because it wasn't like a one status post- several posts, some video, pictures, etc. Clearly she could've replied me a thank you at least.

But she didn't. Heart started to boil, eyes starting to go red (not literally) fingers typing "Hey do you still want to continue the conversation last night? I haven't got your reply since and if you don't I'll delete it." on her facebook wall.

I am really pissed. Pissed off.

Clearly this person can't be a good friend of mine. If there's a privacy setting where we can modify whom to block from sending a message, I would've put her name down. I swear to God.

I don't care if you're reading this watermelon (let's give her a nickname). If you're reading this on the date I posted this, then in your face and YOU'RE WELCOME. Don't message me anymore cuz I won't entertain it, get somebody as low as you to bug at.

Phew that's a relief.

Shine on,


  1. Very ungrateful, just ignore her in the future.

  2. good to burst things out (in a non defensive way) rather than keeping inside becoming crazy), hahah.thanks for visiting my site!


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