Thursday, November 11, 2010

Current Teens Facing Higher Risk of Diabetes
Youths nowadays are facing higher risk of getting diabetes. Dr Fung Yin Khet, an endocrinologist from Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) said that it is due to their sedentary lifestyle.

current teenagers are facing higher risk of diabetes

We want to get the message across to the younger generation, of the risks they are facing and how they can prevent themselves from becoming diabetic. They must be educated on the complications caused by the disease,” Fung told reporters yesterday at a press conference by Dr Tay Eong Beok from Malaysia Diabetes Association (MDA)on the coming state-level World Diabetes Day 2010 celebration.

Obesity is caused by a sedentary lifestyle which most people are having now. In the past, people were more active and participated in outdoor activities.

Nowadays, the people, especially teenagers, prefer to indulge in indoor activities such as computer games. This is one reason why we see an increase in teenagers being diagnosed with diabetes
,” he said.

He added that there had been a 100% growth in type 2 diabetes among teenagers especially those in developed countries and this can be due to people having more money and so they eat junk food and fast food.

In Malaysia, the Third National Health Morbidity Survey (2008) showed 19.9 per cent of the population aged 30 and above was diabetic. The rest 98 per cent were suffering from type 2 diabetes, he said. Wow. Imagine that. Type 2 Diabetes is the worse form of Diabetes type 1 I tell ya.

There'll be a state-level World Diabetes Day 2010 celebration in KK very soon this month, in few more days.

13 November 2010
SESB Hall, Karamunsing (just opposite)

Map to SESB Hall, Kota Kinabalu Location

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Didn't state what time, but be alert on that date and try to pass there on that day! xD

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