Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bad Response for Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6
I went to Suria Sabah last Sunday and dined at Pizza Hut to taste the new Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6.

pizza hut new pizza hut extreme cheesy 6 is bad 2010

Seeing the picture above, surely you're tempted to taste right? So was I. I was so excited to taste those 6 variety of cheese in my mouth. Let me quote them again for you;

Monterey Jack

You can opt to have toppings of 3 types which are Cheesy Pepperoni, Cheesy Chicken and Cheesy Hawaiian. Hun wanted the Cheesy Chicken for he eats that mammal everyday of his life. Well most of it. xD

When Reality Kicked In...
When the pizza came, hun was astounded. Our pizza wasn't as showed in the advertisement or the one displayed above the kitchen counter of Pizza Hut. I would've taken a picture of it but I didn't bring my camera. I only got to get it home then snapped a slice of it because we didn't finish 3 slices of it because of it's taste was sooooooooooooo UN-cheesy as the one it stated in the ad.

pizza hut new pizza hut extreme cheesy 6 is bad 2010

Can you see the crust? Because in that ad on top, the crust was covered with cheeses. First fault A.K.A. I-got-cheated-by-Pizza-Hut. Second, the taste was sooooo BLAH. Literally. A slice of Cheesedale tastes better than this, I swear. Yes there was cheese, 5% of it only. The rest, like the normal taste of the pizza bread-dough-whatever.

Third, the crust. It felt like crap. Supposedly you expect something inside it right? At least that something other than cheese inside it. This pizza totally killed hun's appetite. Poor him, he didn't want to eat anything else.

Seeing these pictures again, makes me mad. I didn't taste the sausage at all. Only thin, chewy stuff in my mouth. Same goes to that black mushroom. Toppings are suppose to be fat for goodness's sake, that's what will make the pizza nicer. Am I right or not?

Price was...RM28.++ for the pizza. Topping RM3. Tax RM3.++ and total was RM37. Nice job Pizza Hut.

Well, this is just a rating for this pizza, not Pizza Hut as whole. I give it 4/10 just because it made me feel full and the soup that day was nice. =) Won't recommend people to try this.

Shine on,


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