Baby Rat Caught by Snowy!

November 07, 2010

Guess what Snowy got just now after dusk? He caught a baby rat! xD God knows where he got it! He came to the house, holding the rat by the head with his mouth like mama aligator! Well he does catch cock....*uh me shiver when me say this name* cockroacheSSSss..and a bird once but he never...gets a....mammal. xD

snowy caught baby rat

He looked soooo happy! He was like, all over the poor baby rat! To think that I despise + hate towards rats, the baby rat looked so cute with it's twinkling eyes and cute round nose. Man. Seriously. xD Well, still I didn't help that baby, because it's still a rat. It'll grow up to be a big fat rat who runs around the house. Palis2. And Snowy wasn't letting Bensi come near it.

snowy caught baby rat

After a while, the baby rat seemed to be very very, VERY intelligent. He knows already Snowy will pounce on it whenever it tries to escape or even move his tail. xD So he became silent, idle. Snowy became bored, last2 he took a break next to it by lying down, but still eyed on it. The baby moved, there goes the cat. Cycle went on and on for about 20 minutes. Man this 'toy' can last for so long! xD

Then...the inevitable happened. The baby rat was smacked (I'd like to say it so) to a bunch of bike parts wrapped with newspapers (dad's) and Snowy lost it! He was like, searching, looking, tearing the newspapers. After 5 minutes I went to look for the baby rat too! Long story short- it managed to escape. Poor my baby looked so sad and miserable- his eyes weren't as round as it's suppose to be. He stayed near the bike parts like, the whole night. Imagine how crazy about 'toys' Snowy is. The good thing is, I've raised a rat exterminator! xD
snowy caught baby rat

Nevermind Snowy, mommy's got a surprise for your birthday next week. =)

Shine on,

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  1. aww~ cute lil' rat. here all are the big ones. XD snowy is getting bigger.

  2. Iya ba Lenn. I thought he caught a bird when he was holding it by the mouth. Yeap2...he's turning 10 approx next week! =)

  3. haha~ if my cat, the lil rat surely be dead. XD i never seen my cat bring it alive. wah~ he's a man now. haha~

  4. Itu la ba Lenn. Mom saya pun heran kenapa dia bawa main. Hohoho iya~ you know ka cats mature so fast at first, like 15 years of human on the first year then can decrease to 4 years per year? Gilaa~

  5. boring kali dia. x berdarah ka 2 tikus? whaaa? really? weird but true fact (pelik tapi benar). hahaha~

  6. Nope, they ran around near me and I didn't see any....dismemberment of the body parts. Semua ok ni. Mcm dia bawa lipas main tu ba. xD

  7. thank God la~ my cat klu bw berdarah2 ni. yaih~

  8. Yaka?? Mati la suda tu kan. xD Snowy main saja ba dia ni, bukan bunuh. xD mesra alam. xD


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