Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weight Loss Drug Meridia Rejected by FDA
fda rejects drug for weight loss meridia
FDA rejects a popular weight loss drug, Meridia.

It is said that the Meridia drug gives much more bad than good- little benefit but increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. That's like you're paying the company to kill you!

What does Abbott have to say about this? They disagree!

"Abbott believes [Meridia] has a positive risk/benefit profile in the approved patient population, but will comply with the FDA's request," the company says in a news release."

It is estimated 100,000 U.S. citizens are taking this pill. Wow..dear people, it is advised that you ditch this drug and I suggest you go the natural, cliché way to lose weight by eating a balanced diet and exercise well. Please.

Taking Meridia? Here's FDA's full advice to patients now taking Meridia:
Stop taking Meridia and talk to your health care professional about alternative weight loss and weight loss management programs.
Talk to your health care professional if you have any concerns about Meridia.
Contact your health care professional right away if you experience pain in the chest, heart palpitations, abnormal heart rate or rhythm, or other symptoms including dizziness and lightheadedness.
Dispose of unused Meridia in your household trash by following the recommendations outlined in the Federal Drug Disposal Guideline.
Report any side effects from Meridia to the FDA's MedWatch program using the information at the bottom of the page in the "Contact Us" box.

fda rejects drug for weight loss meridia
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  1. My husband was on this medicine for 3 weeks and started showing signs of depression. He has NEVER been like this. The medicine was suppressing his appetite, but it's not worth this. After consulting with his doctor, he stopped taking it. I wonder how long it will take to get this out of his system.

  2. I think you should report this to the FDA's Medwatch program as instructed. You can find the link above and click their Contact Us box. Other than that, the advice given is to talk to your doctor and ask any concerns regarding Meridia.


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