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Singing Market The Musical 2010
Singing Market The Musical 2010
Singing Market The Musical 2010 is happening in KL as you're reading this! By the way, what's Singing Market The Musical?

This delightful musical, set in the eccentric 70’s, is an explosion of nostalgia with its unforgettable classic melodies, endearing characters, entertaining story, retro designs and splendid colours.

The story...

The story centers around a group of vendors in a “pasar” or market who are forced to perform at the annual Ghost Festival dinner at the eleventh hour. The Festival Committee Chairman’s wife, Hua Jie, had secretly gambled away the organization’s money and dare not inform her husband. The original performing troupe was cancelled and Hua Jie tries to cover up the situation by getting help from retired singers, sisters Wen Wen and Yen Yen. They are to train some amateurs so that they can pass off as a legitimate Ghost Festival performing troupe.

Their clandestine mission begins as they manage to rope in the fishmonger, the noodles “Ah Sou” the vegetable “Aunty”, the Hokkien chicken seller, the effeminate boss of a coffee shop together with his shy and timid niece. With only 2 weeks to go, can these “impostors” pull it off?

Singing Market The Musical 2010

The producer, not mentioned, has produced critically-acclaimed and award-winning team of “Prince Siddhartha”, “Above Full Moon”, “Jewel of Tibet” and “Kita” and “Singing Market”.

Details are as follows..
30 October - 12 November 2010
Panggung Sari Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket price: RM198, RM168, RM138, RM118, RM68
Hotline:603-7711 5000

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