Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sabah Prisons Department is Malaysia's First Correctional Facility!

Congrats to Sabah Prisons Department for becoming the first correctional facility in Malaysia to obtain accreditation for its prison inmates skills training programme! Sabah Boleh!

I know it's weird, why am I doing a post about prisons? Well, this is a good news, news that can make people change their views on prison, ex-inmates and the whole thing, a sign of good and improvement within the community. I think media should be publishing more about these, I don't think they've been exposed enough. Don't you think so?

This means that the inmates would be given a certificate when they've completed their courses by the Department of Skills Development.

A technical skills training committee has been formed, comprising skill training agencies such as Institut Latihan Perindustrian, Institut Kemahiran Mara, Giatmara, Akademi Binaan Malaysia, and Institut Kemahiran Belia. Mohd Sabri Yakob, Sabah Prisons director Senior Assistant Commissioner and also the commitee's chairman, told Borneo Post that they have prepared five courses for prisoners at Kota Kinabalu central prison, Sandakan prison and Tawau prison who serve at least six months.

Congrats once again, Sabah Prisons Department!

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