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Plants vs. Zombies Last Stand Strategy- Super Easy
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Hey guys! I'm playing Plants Vs Zombies and have completed the adventure game. Now I'm on to the mini game and I'm kinda stuck at the "Last Stand" stage. I can't seem to defend my home very well, being given only 5,000 Suns to start with. So I searched online and found a forum about it in Read on to find out how I beated Plants vs Zombies "Last Stand"!

I'm blogging about this as I'm trying out to beat this Plants vs. Zombies "Last Stand" stage right now. I've exit the full screen option so that I get to blog about it on the spot as it happens.

A user named Gilthanis posted the first post saying that you should get:
A row of Gatling Repeaters
Second row of Repeaters. Your money can only afford for 5 and so you have to buy a Peater but place the Peater on one of the two Lilly Pads. I put a Peater on my 4th line.
A completed row of Torchwoods.

I'm completely out of Suns right now, zero (0) Sun. So start the battle!

Flag 1 report
Level 1 report
The first level was sooooo easy!! Oh my god I have a feeling this strategy could work. The zombies could never get to the second patch of row and a zombie without anything on it would die within first shoot! The ones with pails or doors would die when they're about to step to the second patch.

I got 250 Suns! I bought Potato Mines and Tangle Kelps, placing them in front of my Torchwoods. I put 2 rows of the Potato Mines and 2 of the Tangle Kelps. Below is the beginning of my Flag 2.
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Flag 2 report
This level was okay too! But at the end, the zombies on the 4th line managed to nearly get to my torchwood! Then only I realized that the strategy from Gilthanis was to replace the Peater to Repeater once Flag 1 ends! Oh lord! Thank god my Peaters managed to kill them before the Torchwood! xD

I got 250 Suns when Flag 2 ended. So I replaced my Peater with a Repeater. I bought 2 Potato Mines as well! Placed them randomly on my 6th row. =) So here goes! Battle it out!
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Flag 3 report

plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
There are those zombies with duck buoys and pails on their heads starting to appear! Zombies dressing like a football player nearly got to my mine! But I'm not worried.=)

Died in an instant!

Game ends, I got 250 Suns! Now what to do with that money? Gilthanis said to place as many mines as I can. I think I'll put 2 more Tangle Kelps and complete the 6th row of Potato Mines by placing 3 more of it. =) I'm left with 125 Suns. I'm not going to use them to place another mine as I think it would be a waste to put mines or Tangle Kelps so near to the zombies as the Peaters could've kill them as well. So this money will be used to replace any used Potato Mines or Tangle Kelps!

Here goes nothing! >.<

Flag 4 report

Lots of zombies already on land and on the pool! 2 zombie footballers reached to my mines!
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Kaboom! Haha! xD
plants vz zombies last stand easy strategy
Replaced one quickly! Then another one came and blewn off! xD

Ooooh a Footballer zombie nearly ate the mine that I've just planted! Lucky my strong team from behind take it down before it managed to eat it off! So a tip for Flag 4 here, don't plant your mine if you think it won't make it on time. xD

The final wave was crazy! Two zombies with dolphins swam off to my Torchwood! Luckily I have my Tangle Kelps on standby! Phew! Guess I have to put 3 rows of the Tangle Kelps for Flag 5 eyh?

Got the Suns (sorry I didn't count!) and my money now is 325 Suns. I replaced my mines and Tangle Kelps, and now I have 3 rows of Potato Mines and Tangle Kelps.

Let's start the battle! >.<

Flag 5 report
Lots of zombies with pails and duck buoys at the start. My team manages to take them down pretty good. Not worried at this point. =) Final wave came a zombie with dolphin! Luckily I have my Tangle Kelps. Still not worried! xD

It's nearing the end and I can still see my first row of mines and kelps! xD I have a good feeling about this.

True enough, I got my trophy!! Wohooo!! I've successfully beaten out Plants vs. Zombies's "Last Stand"!!

When you plant the Potato Mine, make sure to wait a while until they're ready before you start the game.

Get the coins quickly or they'll disappear! xD

On Flag 5 I just notice that I didn't put a mine on my third row of mine on the last line. It's because when previous flag ends, there's a button on the bottom center of the screen to click and start the next flag- which means I can't see if I have my mine there or not! So be careful about this part.

I'm so happy I've completed this "Last Stand" !! Wohooo!! Thank you Gilthanis!

Shine on,


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