Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nail Art Designs
Here are my nail art works that I did just to prevent boredom. I only had purple nail color and a set of acrylic nail art colors. What to do??

nail art designs
From left to right;
Leafy Drops nail art
I used the dotting tool only for this design. Super simple and easy nail art! I dotted the white dots first, then the green dots. I focus more on my free edge then gradually decrease the dots's intensity as it goes to the base of my nail. Finished it off with top coat.

Pandan Leaf Criss-Cross nail art
I used purple nail color first, big white stripes, big green stripes, thin white stripes then thin green stripes. I used the nail art brush for this. Then added some gold specks on the free edge. I was trying to make a gradient on the stripes but wasn't so successful on it. =p

Falling Feather in Purple
This is a simple contrast of colors- purple, yellow and white. The feather can be drawn using the nail art brush or the nail art brush that's thin and fan-like (do it little by little).

Purple French in Red and Orange Art
I did a purple french then made the flower in red and white in the center, green leaves outlines with white then some lines and on the purple french and long ones from the flower itself using yellow and orange.

nail art designs
Stay tuned! More coming up!

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