Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anteater Nightmare Uncovered by Sabah Wildlife Department Raid
I read a terrifying news about Pangolin. Article 22,000 pangolins killed in 14 months by Asia One News shocked me. First of all, I'm sure some of you wonder what Pangolin is.

anteater becoming extinct resported by sabah wildlife department

It's Anteater! Or, as Malay call it, Tenggiling. I didn't know this before. =p

Back to the news. What's this Anteater nightmare Del's talking about? Released by Southeast Asia wildlife trade, a sum of 22,000 Pangolins and 834.4kg of their scales were supplied to a syndicate that was raided by Sabah Wildlife Department last year 2009. That statistic was for a period between May 2007 and January 2009. Can you believe it? SABAH! Sabah bah itu, punya sa tekejut! I'm Sabahan and there was a syndicate here endangering this cute creature of God, right here in my state. Maybe it's not the only one, maybe 2, 3, 10?

Worse, Senior Traffic programme officer Noorainie Awang Anak stated that that figure could be higher (must be) because there's a six months of unrecovered records.

My goodness. Maybe they're from rural areas and all they can think about is wake up early in the morning and hunt for dinner. And those who buy the scales, you're so selfish! Killing lives just for your life? Think of the bigger picture man. Please la.

There was a survey amongst 13 pangolin hunters and only one out of 13 of them believed that anteaters is going to extinct.

Well, as the matter of fact, I didn't know about this matter too. I didn't know they're killed for their scales and what not. I'm so proud I did this post. I might just made people aware of this. Wish I have the power to stop all animal cruelty.

The least I can do is writing this post and voice my opinion. And for tonight, I'll be asking Allah to protect them and other animals too. Amin.

Shine on,


  1. Although you posted it 2 years back, but you reminded me of this issues. Even though there's nothing much I can do about it, but it increased my knowledge and also aware of it. Pity that lil cute anteater!


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