Friday, September 17, 2010

Stitching Result from Mexico Tailor on Blankets
I wana show you guys the result from the stitching service for the two blankets that I sent to Mexico Tailor earlier this month.

stitch names on blanket from mexico tailor kota kinabalu
Tadaaa!! Isn't it lovely? The font is Commer-s.

It was bigger than I thought! Seems that the 1.5 inches that I thought was suppose to be the length, was actually the width! Well, nevermind la, the bigger the better I guess. xD

The stitching was great, there were like, plastics sewn together with it too, made it look so brand new.

I hope hun will love his- red blankie ! xD This one here is mine and I'll bring this with me to work later.

Shine on,


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