Friday, September 17, 2010

National Event: Celebrates Malaysia Day at Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
Yesterday mom and I went to padang Merdeka to celebrate Malaysia Day! I was hesitant, but I just went anyway since I can meet hun that time. xD

celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
We came at 8pm but went to eat at Thien Thien first before going there as we were all hungry.

Went to Padang Merdeka at about 9pm. Boy it was so packed! Jammed with people and I smelt ciggarette smoke all the time. Combined with my nausea and gastric, sprinkled with an enourmous feeling of dizziness and headache on the sides of my head and also tummy rumbling, I went off after about 30 minutes standing there seeing nothing.

Anyhu, here are the pix that I could take..sorry if got blurrs!
celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
Here's a pic of the MC's stand, behind the stage. Saw this and I knew mom and I were positioned behind the show! No wonder we didn't see anything!

celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
Lucky us all at the backside, there's this big screen for viewing. Phew! Featured are the dancers.

celebration malaysia day at sabah kota kinabalu 2010
Suddenly, POOFF!! Fireworks! There were loads of it bursting out after this one, people were thrilled!

And back to me, yours truly, I went to have a drink at the eatery next to Shell. Dear god they charged me RM2 for a hot milo! Nevermind la as I was desperate for a hot drink and I really didn't care how I looked already that time.

I'm thinking my headache was due to my hair tied up so tight on the sides of my head. I loosened the bun and the headache went away.

When hun knew I was alone and had to walk so far and sick, he straight away went to look for me . He kept me accompanied till dad arrived to pick mom and I. Poor hun he missed all the good stuff at Padang Merdeka as shortly afterwards, he had to go already. I feel terrible, but he didn't mind it.

I came home and my headache was still on, I straightaway went upstairs and for the first time in such a long time, I slept at 11pm. xD

Shine on,


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