Friday, September 17, 2010

Health Check Up for TB and Radiologist's Report
Today, as planned, I was to go to Luyang Health Clinic to get my TB (tuberculosis) shot as requested by my employer, part of the whole health check up.

Went there with a face mask on me, scared I'll get the disease as they said it is air borne. I went in there and she asked me to come slightly pass the counter. Her hand ready with the an injection, about...1.15 inches long I guess. She put the needle on me, I turned away 180 degrees! xD

health check up tb
Here's my hand, several minutes after getting the shot. Swollen! I thought it was a drop of water from the nurse's hands! Lucky me the swelling went away like, 1-2 hous afterwards. The nurse didn't apply disinfectant on my skin before giving, straight away shot me. Maybe that's how it's suppose to be done eyh?

Here's how it works. The test takes 3 days, I get a shot today and come back after 3 days and check how it turns out. That means, I'll know the result on Monday. =)

Then went to Kissey Clinic Specialist Centre at Lintas to get a radiologist's report on my x-ray since Clinic Luyang doesn't offer that service.

We were told to go to their Plaza Grand Millenium branch and it was a fast one. Paid RM10 only for 2 copies of my report, signed by Dr. Damian Edward Kissey.

Then went to Apiwon to eat fish soup. I wasn't feeling well, my head was heavy and craving for a lie-down, maybe because of yesterday's fault.

Got back home, terus naik bilik and slept till mom called at 6pm to ask if I wanted food from 1 Malaysia (Inanam, at Terminal there). I woke up several times within that 6 hour+ period, some I felt better, some I felt sick and hot. Weird kan?

When they came home, I ate the American Brownie from Multibake when I went for Dr Kissey.

Head felt super heavy again and slept with Snowy and Bensi by my side. About an hour later, woke up and decided to puke what I ate, in an effort to make my head okay again. It worked! ^^

I ate not so much still, forced my mouth to chew the food only. But I feel better, no more heavy-ness. Hope tomorrow okay suda. =)

Shine on,


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