Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Facial Skin Problems and Health
Hey guys! I wana share you information that I got from a video that was posted by Bubzbeauty. It's about your facial skin's problems on different parts of the face and their connections to health problems. Some sentences are used and some are my own. I've been subscribing to her recently and I think she's wonderful! Attractive videos with lots of information like this one that I'm about to talk about!

Our faces are categorized into different zones and each zone indicates a certain organ.

Split into two sections, left and right. If you breakout here, it's probably due to your poor digestion and water intake. Poor digestion, as we all know it, leads to toxic build up and this can be made worse by drinking little water everyday. External factors would be dirty hats/caps, a fringe/bangs hairstyle

Between the eyebrows
I believe the muscle of this section is called procerus. Yay for memorizing muscle areas! xD This area is linked to your liver.

So you tend to get redness, flakiness, pimples/congestion (blackheads) here? It may be due to you eating a lot of rich food (cheese, meat, dairy, you get the picture yea?), eating late at night or lactose intolerant!

Two categories, upper and lower cheeks. Upper cheek is linked to your lungs.
You'll get broken capillaries (visible blood capillaries) on the surface if you have respiratory disease/ problems (asthma, allergies). If you tend to have pimples here, you might be living in an area where it's polluted. It can also may be due to dirty pillows, dirty handphones, dirty make up tools (brush/sponge/puff), dirty towels or expired products (most dangerous, can lead to undesired contra-actions).

Lower cheeks are linked to your gum/ teeth problems.

Links to the heart. Swollen, red, bulbous nose indicates high blood pressure.

Linked to our kidneys. Got pimples here? Drink more water, take less salt and caffeine.

Side of the chin
Having breakouts here often indicates hormone imbalance. This can be due to menses, stress, sleep deprivation, growing up (teens) and also medication.

Center of Chin
This represents the small intestine area. This links to digestion! If you have a poor diet or food allergies, you may need to pay attention to your diet now! Breakouts on this area can be also due to the oil that isn't wiped off successfully after eating. They can travel down and clog up your pores.

The skin here may breakout if you're stressed, weather is humid, clothes that can suffocate it,

Dark eye circles?
Here's another tip she gave! How generous of your, Bubzbeauty! This problem, that's haunting us all human beings, can may be swiped away by eating more iron! How to get it?

But take note, all of your skin problems may not be all of these, it may be reactions to the products that you use, hygiene practises and environment (temperature, weather, humidity, dust, smoke).

Here's her video! Love her slang man!

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