Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Activities: 21 September 2010
I've went to Gribbles that's situated at Lot 6, Ground Floor, Bangunan Daya, Jalan Kebajikan. It's at the left if you come from St. Francis Convent High School. My blood test was all okay, syukur. Then off to Luyang Health Clinic to finalize the health report that I started to do since last 15 September 2010. Took me exactly 7 days to do this! Wohoo!

I had to take my cue and wait for my number to be called and register. There were 2 counters out of 3 open at first, then they guy came and yay! All three are open then. Then I had to go to room 16 and wait some more. Here the black box for showing which number for which room isn't available, so mom and I had to listen carefully- which we didn't do and nearly got our turn skipped. xD

The doctor seemed didn't believe my good radiologist's report that she took out my x-ray file herself and examined allover. I don't blame her for I did the report at a private clinic, Kissey Clinic Specialist Centre.

Everything else was okay, she scribbled some words and slashed several parts..and wala! Done.

Then went to Wisma Merdeka to look for cloth to make my uniform. Geez it's so hard to find a thick cotton cloth! All are that silky cloth that I don't like. I only found black and white cottons that are thin out of all lot of stores that we've went, Kain Mewah's 2 branches and some stores near Upperstar there.

Aaand then bought some more clothes...aaand we were disappointed because we couldn't make it to Centre Point to get that crunchy popiah from Tuah Baker, Palm Square. We love it! It's only RM2.20 but it's worth it, totally.

And that's it. End of my activities for 21 September 2010.

Oooooh and I have to get my cd game from that computer shop! Didn't have time! It better still be in one piece or they'll lose a customer.

Shine on,


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