Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Activities: 15 September 2010
Today was busy in the afternoon! I had to do 3 things, get a Commissioner of Oath to sign and their stamp on my letter, medical check up and deposit to my agent's account.

First went to Klinik Kesihatan Luyang for the checkup, thinking it needs time to process and all.

And guess what? The hospital was crowded! Not so crowded till you can't breath la, but there were loads of people! Guess they have constipation after all the raya eating eyh?

I had to wait 40 minutes and paid RM1 (only) and endured excrutiating sleepiness while waiting. The tv wasn't on and I was scared the whole time of infected with whatever everybody else might be having that time, think of H1N1. My turn came and it turned out I need a form from my employer for it. Aaaiii....

So went to KK Court to get the stamp, super easy and fast! xD

Then...went to the bank to deposit the money to my agent. Told Pat already. Am keeping the receipt till everything's clear and I'm on the plane. =)

About the medical report, Pat said she'll mail me a letter that only needs a sign from the doctor. Wokey then.

Shine on,


  1. The weather in Greece was really hot.
    I was so sweaty!

  2. It was really hot in Greece.
    So unbearable and I was sweaty all the times!

  3. Serious?? I thought it would be rainy there at this time....seems like it's all year summer there! xD


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