Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bensi with His Bandaged Hand
bensi with his hand bandaged
Bensi with his plastered hand. Haha! No la, he's got this very nasty wound that got worse and swelled up with pus in it. I bought medicines for my pets yesterday at Pinnacle Pets Supply, Damai.

I bandaged his hand. First I cleaned it up, disinfect it with Virbac Wound-Gard, 2-3 pumps. Then I take half of a cotton pad, wet it with Gamat and apply it on the swelling. Bandaged the hand and used cellotape to secure. I can't use the normal surgical tape, Bensi will lick it off as it's not strong enough. xD

I hope my cats's wounds will heal before I leave, tidak sanggup to leave them in current condition.

Shine on,


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