Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Atkinson Clock Tower- Heritage Preserved
success on heritage preserve atkinson clock tower kota kinabalu sabah
Do you know that our clock tower that's in the middle of KK was in jeopardy recently, somewhat last week. It was up for demolition for a hotel and a shopping complex! Just imagine that!

I got to know about it Monday this week, 2 days ago as I read the newspaper eating nasi goreng near Open University. Shocked! I went to it's facebook event and clicked attend. You can do the same too, eventhough you're not Sabahan, or from Malaysia. Click "Attend" and you've might just have saved a heritage with all-wood-no-nails structure that symbolizes our Sabah. I'm confused however, why are there people clicking "Maybe" or "Not Attending"? They don't read before they click I guess.

You can also support this cause by signing it's petition online. It was created by Richard Nelson Sokial (, founder of Heritage Sabah.

Aand good news for us all today! State government has ordered the Central Town Planning Board to re-study their plans about it. Environmental Protection Department has also been said to reject this absurd plan.

Yay for us all! Nothing will come between us like I said, my dear tower! Developers, get somewhere else please.

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