Star Angelina Jolie Hurt During Salt

August 01, 2010

Angelina Jolie's hot new spy movie, Salt gave her injuries during furing making the film! I'm not surprised tho, but I'm awed by her commitment!

star during filming salt injured angelina jolie
She said that she felt dumb for sustaining so many injuries!

Here's what she said,

“I got lots of bruises and things and I got a little teeny nick right between my eyes,” she said.

“I banged straight into a table while I was shooting somebody and jumping sideways. I felt really, really dumb. I just lay there with a big icepack on my head and I was bleeding down my face. But then we used it in the movie. I get bloody in the movie anyway, so…”

Wow. I think there'll be scars over her body. But I think she'll manage them very well and they'll disappear in no time. There's always laser. =) I salute her for those injuries! Meaning she didn't get stuntwomen to do the job, she did it all herself and that's not everybody does today. Well-done Angie!

Shine on,

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