Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shocking Discovery: Visible Capillaries on my Foot!
I've always hated visible veins, or as we Malaysians call it, urat. It's unevitable that we all humans will have it in our lives, and for women, veins on our legs is just like us having boobs. We must have it, at least one.

So what's with Del talking about urat now??

Lemme tell ya. I've been having a visible blood capillaries area under my right calf, on the upper inner side. It was green. Yes, and it showed up right after I started to work behind the counter.

The work is tedious, merciless and puts high pressure on my feet everyday. Why? Because I have to stand most of the time. Yeap, you heard me right. My working hours is 10am- 7pm. Minus breaks and maybe occasional precious moments of sitting, say 2 hour and a half. It's 7 hours. 7 hours of torture to my feet.

Everyday after work, I can feel my muscles from my knee-length right down to the bottom aching, especially on the knee area and my calves. God knows what a strain work has put on my soles too.

So here's the story. Those green capillaries turned blue today. I was coming back home from the Tarawih prayer from Nurul Hikmah mosque and saw that. That hiddeous ugly blue thing right udnerneath my right knee. I mean, the green version of it wasn't so bad, as it's pretty normal to have it. But this blue version of simply....horrifying.



Unbelievable too, as I never have a blue vein. So I thought, this must be the worst version of urat. My emotions morphed from happy to frustrated and mad at the same time= BAD MOOD.

Very bad one.

On the way home I started to massage it down with my left thumb. It hurt real bad, like angin or something.

I got home, I went to get the ginger cream and used it to massage it. It was....about 2 hours later, yeah, it was about 11pm that I stopped and checked on it (was on the computer while masssaging it).

The bluish thingy went away, and it was just red! How happy I was...very happy. It was just like somebody pinched that part. So I took some ice, placed them into a plastic bag and put the 'ice pack' on it. I left the pack on till the ices melt.

After they melted, I checked on it again. It turned black with the surrounding area too. The veins before, was small like a 1-cent Malaysian coin. A bit of a shock here, but I don't mind as the bluish capillaries are gone.

So I put on gamat on it now, after sahur, the next morning. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the blue capillaries, I was too shocked and was just thinking of getting rid of it.

So here are pictures of it now, in the morning, the day after the horrifying discovery.

It's like a mixture of red with black, I sure hope it'll turn all black soon.

Here's a close up. Notice the shiny surface? I applied gamat oil. =)

So what to do about this? How will I prevent further similar damage on my feet? Quit? I guess so. Not sure yet, but I'm not gona stand the whole time again. Never. If they complain, I'm gona show them this. =p

Oh yeah, I'm sooooo sorry I've been so idle these days. I'm still doing my blog layout you see, editing every blog posts and stuff, but I'm estimating by Raya it'll all be done. =) Hopefully. Till next time! Take care!

Shine on,


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