Most Expensive Homes for Dogs

August 03, 2010

I'm so awed. Nuf said, scroll down to see what's up.

most expensive dog homes
Contemporary furniture designer Judson Beaumont created Pet Camper for his daughter's pooch because he wanted a house on wheels. How convenient! For now, the Pet Camper's only available custom-made, but Beaumont's firm plans to mass-produce the houses soon. I wonder how much will the mass-produced pet camper's price will be...

most expensive dog homes
Best Friend's Home was inspired by its Australian shepherd, Maya, to create its line of dog houses in April 2009. Price is at $2,400.

most expensive dog homes
The company's most popular pet home model is the Alabama. It's cost at $3,600.

most expensive dog homes
This princess's castle is worth $3,000!

most expensive dog homes
Lonneberga holds the Scandinavian style and it's priced at $3,400.
most expensive dog homes
Paris Hilton gave her pooches two-story house, with the help of interior designer Faye Resnick.

most expensive dog homes
Here's the insides of the house. Wow! "Downstairs is the living room and upstairs is the closet and bedroom."

most expensive dog homes
La Petite Maison creates custom dog houses that match people's homes or their dog's breed. This model here costs about $6,000, but the houses go as high as $35,000. Wow wow! Double wow! Like a car!

most expensive dog homes
Michelle Pollak, a partner in La Petite Maison, says that neither her international nor domestic clients actually have their dogs living in their fancy abodes. This French Victorian home above is sooooo beautiful!

most expensive dog homes
Doggie Mansions creates beachy homes for your pets, prices range from $10,500 to $100,000. Oh my..and the house above doesn't look like it's gona cost like that! Or maybe it's a big one...?

most expensive dog homes
The Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House by the Little Cottage Company will take $4,299.98. And it's on sale!

So I guess, excluding those that doesn't mention prices, the most expensive one would be the Palm Beach home that costs $10,500 to $100,000.

I wish I have the money to buy them! I mean, at least one of them! I wonder if there are expensive ones for cats too! Would love to see them!

Shine on,

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