Friday, August 13, 2010

How to Make Passport: Malaysia International Passport
Early in the morning today, I went to make a passport for my visa application. It was a nice, easy-flowing experience. I felt like a big girl already! xD

how to make malaysia international passport at pejabat pembangunan persekutuan negeri sabah
Well...I didn't know anything about making a passport, all I know is that my mom told me to get my passport size photos. So I went there and wasn't really sure what's the building like, I thought the name of the building would be something like, Pejabat Imigresen Sabah. Instead, it's actually Pejabat Pembangunan Persekutuan Negeri Sabah. Yeah, I know. How naive I am. I've been there once to replace my lost IC loooong time ago.

So....I just went there near the entrance and saw the helpdesk counter in the middle of different entrances to rooms and hallways- all four directions. I was told to go to my right and there it was, the office to make the passport. Opens up at 7.30 am I remember.

Went to the counter for 'Angka giliran/Pertanyaan' and asked what type of passport to make if I want to work overseas. So I was given the Malaysia International Passport application form.

Filled it up easily. Just normal questions like my name, address, IC number, phone number and birth certificate number. I didn't know about the birth cert and so called up my mom and she had to actually go back home and search for my cert! xD To think that she was going to have a meeting that time. What a good mother I have, love you ma ! Oh yeah, you have to give a copy of your IC too. There's a photocopying service in there, but it's RM1 per copy. x10 normal rate!

So that was it, I went back to the same counter and gave 2 photos of myself- passport-size. I was then given my 'angka giliran' and waited. Well, the crowd was little when I got there (8 am) and it began to build up. Had to wait for 2-3 person before my turn.

My number was called and so I have options on how long I want the passport to last. It's either RM100 for a year or RM300 for 5 years. I choose 5 years because I can't tell how long my contract will be. It can be more than 7 months and well, I hope will be working overseas some more after that. I might travel to some places too when I start to earn some cash. =) The 5-year option is cheaper too - RM60 per year only.

So I was told to get back to my seat and wait up. My IC was borrowed for a while. About 5 minutes later, I was called again and paid up RM300. I was given a receipt and it's very important that you have a receipt after paying (I see the notice on the desk saying that we must ask for a receipt, so I guess it's important).

I was told that my passport will be done at 10.30am. I was like, so fast!!! Wow! I'm amazed! Too bad I couldn't get it today... =( I hope the office will be open tomorrow. For a half day at least. Please please.... I need it fast fast.. >.<

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