Sunday, August 1, 2010

Help! Clubfun Iphone Pop Up Scam on My Blog!
help on iphone pop up scam from clubfun mobi
Help! I'm having a problem with a scammer/fraud/whatever-you-wana-call-it situation here. My blog is recently infested with a pop up that automatically pops up when I visit my blog (which explains the poll you see on your right side). I dare not to visit their site as I know for sure this is a scam/fraud.

I went to see their Source Code (Internet Explorer- right click) and saw their site stated; I went to their site anyway, and went to see the winners. There were none of it. It says it will be out soon. I googled their phone number and found Gwen's post that it has been on since 2006. She's one of the victim but the website is a different one, Maybe they know Wxawin's got a bad reputation already, so got another one- Ooh so clever.

There are two other victims that posted this matter, Wassap(2008 & 2010) and Rindu Ini (Malay). Oh god.

I don't wana find for 'Clubfun Mobi' or even 'Wixawin'. I've got enough evidence and witnesses to say that these are scams.

Here's the source code for the pop up, hope it will benefit everybody in anyway possible.

I've looked on my html code layout and deleted studd that says ads. Hope that will remove those pesky pop ups. Please la. I'm gona call the company tomorrow and see what they have to say about this. Will update on this one.

I hope my post will help and prevent more victims to this no manners people. Apa punya. Be safe, always. Don't fall on these cheaters's traps!

Shine on,


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  4. i subscribed to their iphone/ipad scams intentionally...they can have my cursed rm8 credit so may you live and suffer longer than you should scammers.

  5. Oh boy so sorry to hear that! Lucky you didn't lose anymore than RM8 man.

  6. Hey there anonymous on May 7th! Thank you! =D

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  9. Hi Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.

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