Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Safety First: Keep Your Child Safe from School Driver/Molester
A child was sexually assaulted by her own school-kindergarten driver, mStar Online reported. Oh my god. Parents, beware of these things, please. Especially if you have irresistably cute-to-pinch-her-cheeks daughters.

keep kindergarten child safe from sexual driver molester
This happened in Kuala Lumpur where the story was then unveiled when the little child cried while being bathed by her mother. She told her mom that the driver that sends her to kindergarten everyday had roughly touched her 'vajayjay'. BOOM. A nightmare for each and every parent in this world. I think my heart would've stopped if that happens to me, God forbid.

The mother reported to the police and the 27 year-old man was apprehended the next day at his house in Kampung Cheras Baru.

Ampang Jaya Chief Police District, ACP Abdul Jalil Hassan said that the driver has been sending her to her kindergarten since last June 2010. Astaghfirullah. He really didn't wana waste time did he.

It seems like the crooked man like the little girl and so ensured that she's the last one to get off the bus. He'll then violate her in his van then send her back home.

So therefore, in short, please, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, whoever that are responsible to another young, innocent life that thinks having a whole set of Barbie's and a collection of Gundam figurines are everything, PLEASE, make sure that the responsibility that you bestow upon an individual for sending your kids, or anything else for that matter, check their certification, check their background, make sure they're a part of an association of the busses or something (I know Sabah does, my ex-high school buses are).

I think when I'm super rich and stuff, I'll take part into NGO's that right for animals. Then children. I think animals are the worst because thay can't talk and children, well. You know.

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