Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad, Massive Jam and Shocking Findings at Tg Aru Beach.
I went to Tg. Aru 1st Beach yesterday after work and my guy wanted to visit the washroom first. And I saw...

bad unbelievable massive jam at tg aru kota kinabalu sabah
This! I think it's still new cuz I never see it posted there before. RM1 is charged for people who just want to change their clothes but RM0.20 only for people who wants to use the washroom?? I think the fee should be charged otherwise man. Hotspring Ranau doesn't charge people for using their washroom and for bathing, so why in the world charge people so expensive just to change??

By the way, they charge RM2 for people who wana bathe inside. I think this is not reasonable. All of it. I mean, the toilet fee of 20 cents, yes, it's reasonable but other two, NO! Complete NO! The toilet there isn't sooooooo perfect-nice like Warisan Square's, so why in the world charge so mahal? Haiya.

After some time, we strolled along the beach and guess what? This group of girls (family I presume), brought along a cute bulldog with them. And guess what?? The dog literally pooped at the beach! I think he even pee-ed too. Oh God. He first pooped, then walked a bit some more, then stopped again and do the crouching thingy. Oh!!! The owners just stared at it then shrugged it off and went off. Eish! So irresponsible! I should've taken their pix and post it here! But I was too shocked! >.<

And when we wanted to get out from there (we parked our car lawfully inside the parking zone), it took us about 45 minutes! I got home an hour after attempting to get to it. My lord. There was a massive jam where my guy complained on his aching feet dues to pressing the clutch on and off again, little by little. It's not the ticket booth's fault, it's the roadway's fault! There's only one way out and people who u-turns from the entrance to get into the parking went straight for the exit because they saw it was so packed inside and people who wana go out have to compete with them!

I think the management should do something about this, like position one more booth at the further end near the DBKK bin there. Won't park so deep inside the parking zone next time. Uh how I dread it.

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