Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: Service by Beautician at Herbaline
review service done by staff for treatment facial at centre point kota kinabalu herbaline

I want to review a staff's service on a facial treatment done at Kota Kinabalu, Centre Point, Herbaline. It's at Palm Square, the fourth floor.

Her name's Alice, a chinese I presume. My arrival was welcomed by another person, who gave me my tea and served me well. Wasn't her.

Then Alice called me in, she was nicer during the soaking foot thingy. I put in my feet into the hot (yes, it felt like hot, but bearable) water and she put int salt for me. This is unusual, usually the beautician would wait for me behind for the second step, smell the herb thingy. She's nice here.

Then I was escorted, into the normal room, on the far left, with the walls patched with ugly-looking white gums. I hate that room man. The sink is behind me, so most of the time of my visits there, the beauticians NEVER close the curtain at least, behind me. They'd leave me with the curtain open and the noise were very disturbing. Alice isn't spared, she did that too, much to my annoyance.

My gown was beautifully folded and rolled, but no pillow, much to my surprise. I never did a facial at Herbaline without a pillow. It's their trademark to provide it, I'm so used to it already. A bit disappointed, again.

The cleansing process was okay, she did it well. Nice pressure, firm, smooth, cold hands.

Extracting pimples, blackheads and whatever dirt there was on my face was a nightmare. More than nightmare, was like hell. I don't know, maybe she was mad because I wanted to do facial only after she suggested to try whatever treatment she said or she never seen pimples for months. It was soooo painful! I mean, she was rushing, everything was rush-rush and no break, no time for me to exhale and take aonther freaking breath before she extracts some more. NO MERCY here.

The direct high frequency application (the rod with blue-reddish light in it) was...I don't know. I learnt at school that you need to be close to the skin, but not touching it to get the effect or there won't be any ozone forming. Maybe different machine? But I felt little sting only (a feeling that is felt when the application is correct). Iffy here.

Then the lotion for god was it sooooooo nice! My skin was stinging and screaming for help, the cold, cool liquid just made it all rain on a hot day. Facial massage was okay, she did it but would be nicer if she put more pressure, I didn't wana say anything, I was enjoying the cool-ness. xD Same pressure was applied on my head, which logically, needs more pressure than the face. Shoulder and hand massage, not so nice. I felt nothing, just 40% enjoyment.

Mask, she applied....I don't know. It wasn't constand direction. It's suppose to be upwards while applying the mask, she did it sideways, a bit downwards and upwards. Messy, if you ask me. Short strokes too, like the rest I tried. Maybe that's how they do it, their mask right?


Then she left me. I heard her and she didn't close the curtain. All the time of her absence I could hear footsteps and the sink being used. Dang. And just when I was starting to sleep, I was woken up. I hear very sharp, beeping sound and 5 second interval for like, 5 min. I opened my eyes and saw Alice's trolley next to me with a watch. It was 1 hour 5 minutes since I started the facial. I was shocked. So what time was it when she was done with me? I was thinking about 45 minutes only the max. She rushed on the extraction part and I requested no eyebrow shaping. God.

She was nowhere to be seen or heard, I had to put up with the alien sound, changing tones some more after some time. Got a bit frustrated and stressed with the bleeping sound. Like, 10 minutes later then she came. She removed my mask, oh god if I'm her regular customer I would've told her to moisten the mask ALLOVER my face first before removing it. She did part by part, including the moistening step. She removed the mask on my chin, I could feel the mask pulling and cracking on my cheeks and nose. There goes my toning effect. Thank you Alice.

I didn't fold the gown or make up the bed, I was unsatisfied and not in a good mood already. I was pretty longer than normal time while she left me to change in the room, I text my guy to come pick me up. Normally the beautician will ask to come in and clear up the stuff or something. She didn't. I came out and there she was, waiting for me to smell the herb pot again. She took out my slippers from under the bed, which was nice of her.

She even cleared the curtain beads for me when I wanted to go out to the lounge area. Nice. But that, too bad, didn't make up for all the stress I got in there.

When I got back home and washed my face, it felt like a baby's skin! So soft and no bumps. xD Alice really did the extraciton step very well.

I wouldn't ask for her again, if can. I'm thinking of Suki. She was very nice to me when I got there, she smiled all the time and even asked if I had my tea already or not. =) Suki it is. I saw several more that I never tried.

Shine on,


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