Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peoplepets: Working Dogs with Intresting Jobs
dogs working within society dog like nitro

Nitro was re-hired after donors raised $14,000 to get him back into the force. Since 2005 he's collared more than 50 suspects — a number that keeps growing. I'm so proud to even post about him here, such an honour.

dogs working within society dog like bailey

This is something new, that I never heard of. Bailey, a Beagle, makes sure that the bed bugs really don't bite! The pooch, plus pals Maddie and Zip, seeks out the unwelcome insects in dorms, hospitals, retirement homes and hotels throughout California with pest control company Iso Tech. Wow!

dogs working within society dog like George

Say hello to Great Dane George, who starred in spring's Marmaduke, daily duties also include running, eating and sometimes, even surfing! Where are the cat actors? Get em trained for a real Garfield or puss n boots!

dogs working within society dog like Jasper

Jasper, a Yorkie, is helping New York City's Emerald Inn stay open for business by just his own presence in it! It brings in customers and he gets daily turkey breakfast. What an easy job!

dogs working within society dog like Audree
Audree helps her owner who lost his sight due to retinitis pigmentosa by joining him at work everyday in the plumbing department of Lowe's in Lancanster, Ohio. Awwww...I'm so touched...

dogs working within society dog like midge

Chihuahua-rat terrier mix and the Guinness World Record holder for being the smallest dog used for law enforcement, Midge has earned credit for several narcotics-related arrests at the Geauga County Police Department in Ohio.

dogs working within society dog like hector
Hector, representing the Animal Farm Foundation, travels to school around the northeast to teach kids about pet care, and even won an award for his efforts!

dogs working within society dog like cody

Cody welcomed customers with his owner behind the counter at a Clearwater, Fla., BP station last year. Sadly, in December the Florida Department of Agriculture said that the dog was prohibited from being at the food establishment. I guess hygiene comes first eyh? I'm sure he can find something to do by now!

dogs working within society dog like stella
Stella, a Chihuahua mix joins her mom at her Milford, Mich., bridal boutique each day, where she sits on long dress trains and calms nervous clients! How cute is that!

dogs working within society dog like tivi
Tivi was recently named director of "barketing" at Oregon's Sunriver resort, who was once abandoned and stray. Duties include starring in the hotel's pet-friendly marketing campaign and receiving lots of fun prizes!

dogs working within society dog like rocky mastiff bronx
Yorkie Rocky and English Mastiff Bronx makes a difference each day as therapy dogs, visiting patients in various hospitals throughout Australia. Wow!

dogs working within society dog like lady
Lady chases deer and geese from the property of the Tarrytown House hotel in New York, which has an area of 26-acres! That's a pretty big job!

I wish Sabah can have something like this! >.<

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