Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Style Haircut
I went for a haircut in inSalon, Damai! Gee it was a bit longer than I normally experienced but the wait was worth it! I love my new hair!

new style haircut at hair salon kota kinabalu damai

A contact of mine recommended this place last time. I saw her with a new haircut one day, from a long, straight hair to this short, cute bob. It was sharp, crisp and with fringe, but not like Rihanna's, it was like Katie Holme's. She said the owner did it and he did it according to what suits her facial features.

I decided to try it out there. The steps up to the salon was dirty, like, Inanam-lots dirty stairs. With some dry, chewed gums stuck on the steps and spits. Eew.. It is situated near Tong Hing, Coffee Bean. Next to Coffee Bean there's Multi Bake, take the steps on it's right and go to the first floor.

Anywah I went in and was greeted by a young man that dressed up like a Korean star. Fuiyooo...he asked if I wanted Junior, Senior service. Ooohhh, so the salon is like the Cuts Gallery in Palm Square, Centre Point, student cut, pro cut, etc.

I asked for a senior cut and so Mr Steven, AKA the owner of the shop did me. (revision: the OWNER of the shop) xD. So this was the one who did Florence! I tell ya, it was like, watching a magic show! Mr Steven was like, all around me and doing all sorts of poses while cutting my hair. I never see anything like how he cut my hair, seriously.

All the time I made my lips like I was blowing something, like, WOW! I felt like I was this really fluffly, long-haired, small dog with the pet barber cutting away all her long fur. I studied how he cut my hair and it isn't like how I normally see. Detailed and he even did invincible thinning to my hair, meaning thin out my hair from inside, not outside where people can see. Amazing.

Oh yeah, I was first brought to wash my hair by Steve, (the one who greeted me) without any shampoo. Don't know why, but I was okay with it. Then Mr Steven tookover. Steve gave me some tea, I believe it was chrysanthemum tea. Nice, Cuts Gallery didn't do that when I went there. =p

While Mr Steven was doing me, there were like, 2 people came to ask for a service, haircut I believe. But it was closing time soon, so Steven told them to come the tomorrow. This shows that this salon receives a lot of customer, I believe. That time there were 2 other people having a service with me.

I'd definitely recommend you to go there, the fee was worth it, RM50 only. Compared to Cuts Gallery, it was RM48 and I usually tell them to keep the change. xD Besides, Damai's closer to home and you don't have to pay extra parking fees there.

new style haircut at hair salon kota kinabalu damai

Tadaaa! It's been a while since I had a fringe, when I was 12, I believe. Hehe. I'd definitely go there again! He suggested me get a dye, I'm not a fan of coloring my hair...maybe perm? xD See la how!

Till the next post!

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