New Sandwich from KFC: Doublicious!

July 23, 2010

I talked about KFC is going to have a new item on their menu, a sandwich! Well here it is, arrived this July 2010!

new sandwich from kfc boneless doublicious
Introducing...Doublicious! For just $5 plus tax (with potato wedges), you'll get a sweet Hawaiian bread bun with a boneless chicken fillet in one of a kind taste that I believe, you won't forget! This sandwich is available in both Original Recipe and Grilled.

Wow! I must say this, it doesn't look like a sandwich tho, it's more like a burger, don't you think so? But....I think it's not going to be available in Malaysia anytime soon...or will it?

Wana receive coupons from the Colonel? Go here!

Shine on,

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