Monday, July 12, 2010

Word Counter: Count Your Words!
Have you ever have troubles with counting the words you've typed in your blog posts or articles? Or do you ever wonder how much have you typed after you've finished the awfully long-to-make article?

Fret no more! I stumbled upon this article at, it was very useful! Just simply download the attachment and hey presto, you have your tool right on your desktop!

Why do I choose this one, out of so many other tools and sites that offer this kind of thing? Because it can be downloaded and sort of like, installed into your computer kind of thing and you can click on it on your desktop, even when there's no internet access on your computer and see the tool! You can choose to open it via various ways too!

Here's how it looks like, you can also use it right here!

Enter your text here and hit count the word

Nice eh? But mind the spaces, this tool calculates words based on the number of spaces, so mind your punctuations, apostrophes and such. Thank you so much Azis Pradana!

Happy playing! =)

Shine on,


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