Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Genting World Lion Dance Championship 2010 (9th)
The Genting World Lion Dance Championship is the most established high-stilt lion dance championship in the world and it's happening this July!

genting lion dance world championship 2010
Since 1994, this prestigious competition has a solid track record of showcasing the most talented and creative lion dance troupes competing for the coveted right to be crowned the best of the best! Entering its 9th edition, this year will see around 30 aspiring teams from countries around the world battling it out to earn the Eastern and Western Lion King awards (given to the top lion dance troupe from each area).

Gee I'm so wishing I'm at KL right now!! Watching lion dances are so much fun!

25 July 2010 (Sunday)
3 pm
Ticket price- RM63, RM43
603-7711 5000

pssstt...I don't know why they say it's only 25th when they said it's from 23rd to 25th. But You can try contact 603-7711 5000 for clarification, just to make sure. =p

Shine on,


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