Monday, July 5, 2010

Review Film: Frozen
review film movie frozen 2010

Frozen, a movie that I watched recently. It wasn't appealing, with the title itself, Frozen and the background with somebody hanging from a lift, it wasn't so scary and thrilling...till I watched it.

The starting of the movie was okay, you know, about these two bestfriends, Joe and Dan, going for a ski on a frosty, snowy hill. Dan's girl, Parker insisted to tag along and wasn't a good skier, so they were caught up with waiting up for her to get on her feet, till the day ended and bad weather was coming. They insisted to be sent back from the mountain and offered more money to the chairlift operator. The operator took the offer and while the trio were being carried by the chairlift, hundreds of feet above the ground, he asked a buddy of his to take up his position for he wanted to piss.

The friend of the operator didn't do his job well and somebody turned off the chairlift power. Lights started to turn off from the mountain all the way along the chairlift lights to the three skiers. The trio was stuck, everybody went home and the horror began.

When the terrifying things and hair-raising moments began, I was like, frightened for them! I never felt so frightened in my life, so scared, into the movie. The actors and actress, Emma Belle, played their role very well and all the time I was gripping on my guy's hand (s).

There was panick situations too, where Dan wanted to jump off the chairlift, seeing there was no way other than that to be home. The scene with the wolves, Joe with gripping his way to the next chairlift, where there was a ladder down to the ground. His hands were...yuck! Parker's face got frost bite and she laid her hand on the chairlift pole for a night and the next morning, it stuck together. Imagine that. Make up effect was awesome!

The only downside, in my opinion, is that the ending itself. Why?? I thought there were more, I thought Joe might've survived, I thought she'd go back there and face more horror and stuff, you know? I was surprised to see credits when Parker got rescued. Boo Adam Green! But you're good at directing, you really got me man.

I'd definitely recommend this movie, but you might not like the ending part. That's all.

I'll give it 7/10.

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