Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dog Shooting Turned Bad
I see in movies, I hear about it, on the web, tv news, that the government will shoot strays, and most of it in the US and other countries. I rarely hear much of Malaysia doing something about this matter. Until I read this. A man tried to shoot at a stray dog but hit an elderly instead, at 3.30 am.

Yes, 3.30 am, and it was a 65 year-old man. P. Rajagovallan, 65, was sweeping the floor in a seafood restaurant in Taman Dato’ Osman Aroff Jitra (Kedah) and this other individual who saw a stray right behind Rajagovallan shot at it, or so he thought he will. Too bad, the pellets hit Rajagovallan on both of his legs and he collapsed immediately.

He was immediately sent to the Jitra Hospital transferred to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital, Alor Setar at 7.30am where he would undergo a surgery.

Mugunthan, victim's son, 21, lodged a report at the Kubang Pasu police district headquarters at 11am.

Kubang Pasu police chief Supt Sawaluddin Haminuddin said the case would be investigated under Section 37 of the Firearms Act 1960 for causing injury due to negligent discharge of a firearm.

That person who did the shooting should get fired from his job or something. How can you shoot when it will have a risk of hitting something or in this case, somebody else? God, how irresponsible. And it was a shotgun, could kill, could hurt, could've hit children or something.

And why on earth that person want to do his job at 3.30 in the morning?? Why can't he do it during the day? Night can play tricks on our eyes and we get sleepy, especially that late of night. Gee, the licence or whatever permit that he has, the ones who gives it out should should tighten and get more strict in their tests or something. Really, seriously.

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