Day Shop: Shopping Centre Point for Nail Art

July 06, 2010

My work needs me to provide my own tools and additional stuff nail art and manicure and pedicure products that I need myself. So I set for a shopping trip last Sunday, after my facial at Yin Yin Hebaline, Palm Square. It was fun and exhausting, thank god I wasn't at 1 Borneo. I'd be needing my Nike shoes!

day shop shopping at centre point for nail art in kota kinabalu

Here's a bottle of Dettol to sanitize client's nails and fingers before treatment. I found this at Ngiu Kee, it has a free bottle of Surface Spray worth RM8.75! This big bottle is RM27.50. The only one that I see can be applied to skin and stuff. Others were for floors. I haven't got a bottle for it, wana go 100% soon... I hope it'll be tomorrow after paying bills! Speaking of bills, reminds me of Streamyx's poor wifi these days recently. Geesh.

day shop shopping at centre point for nail art in kota kinabalu
Here are some stuff from Watsons, the new shop branch opened on the ground floor, next to Ngiu Kee. I'm loving it! It sells my favourite QVS Astro Tweezer! Been looking everywhere for this! I went to Watsons Damai and the Basement floor CP for it, only to find that they sell their own brand's tweezer. So sad. Was! xD I bought Za Essential Liquid Wash, just for trying out.

day shop shopping at centre point for nail art in kota kinabalu

And finally the nail art tools and product itself! I bought from two eNoveals, the Warisan Square's and ground floor Centre Point's. Bought filers, nail cutter, a nail art brush and a cheap nail polish remover. For practise. =)

My nail art is improving! Practised a lot with papers today. xD And learnt the differences between a rough and smooth skin.

Till the next post!

Shine on,

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