Chinese Delicious Chicken Soup for Lunch!

July 15, 2010

The day before yesterday was awesome! I mean, I got to tase the chicken soup Sally cooked!

chinese delicious chicken soup with oat zoelife
It was nothing like I've ever tasted! It was light, textury and delicious!!! No oil/ little was used for I didn't see any! She cooked it with this...I don't know, like grapes, but red in color and it's sweet-like. She added papaya to it too! They were like potatoes, just nice and not so hard to chew, like broiled potatoes! Soooooo tasty! I kinda ate it before I asked of it's halal-ity. xD

chinese delicious chicken soup with oat zoelife
When I realized about it, I immediately stopped eating it and waited for Sally to come back. By then, it was cold already. xD What to do. She said she bought the chicken from the supermarket, so it's halal. Sambunggggg makan. Walaupun sejuk. Haha~

chinese delicious chicken soup with oat zoelife
I ate some Zoelife Muesli after this one. It was good! I love the cashews and strawberry halves! Nyummy~ I can't get enough of this one, I'll stay with it till I'm old!

Love you Zoelife!

Shine on,

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